General Life As A Student In Austria

Sharing their experience of studying in Austria, most students agree, that Austria offers a great cultural richness, diversity, breathtaking nature, as well as an unforgettable social experience. The impression students had about Austrian city life is that the social and cultural experience is above average compared to other countries. The unique quality of life, rich culture and peace are the clinching factors. The education institutions have accomplished outstanding achievements on an international level and gained a high reputation. Great composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and innovative thinkers such as Sigmund Freud are from the land of Austria.

shutterstock_308199848One of the richest countries

Students in Austria usually live in private accommodation. The universities in Austria do not allocate a room but you need to search for accommodation yourself. Though it is one of the richest countries worldwide, the general cost of living is not that high compared to other countries in Europe. A wide range of scholarships is available for people, studying in Austria. The costs of living depend on the city you study in. The average monthly living expenses for a student in Austria are approximately 1000 euros. Living in Vienna is more expensive than living in other cities. You can look out for options of studying in Austria at

Reduced prices for students

Living in Austria as a student can be surprisingly cheaper than in other European countries. Most universities have student cafeterias, where you can buy meal and more at an economic price. Reduced-price tickets for concerts and cinema are available for students and it is always worth asking for a student discount. Whether you want to be active or simply relax with friends, there are many options and opportunities for spending your leisure time. Students believe, that their time in Austria was beneficial to their professional and personal development, and share positive impressions about the modern environment in which they study.