Is Fitting a Healthy Lifestyle in With Studying Possible?

The answer to this questions will dictate your whole approach to keeping fit. Psychologically you have to want to, not be told to, or think you have to, but want to. The first two are doomed to frustration and failure. It is hard to remain motivated when you are tired, focused totally on studying and busy partying as part of your student life, but the benefits of keeping fit are well documented. Briefly being fitter will make your student life a much more positive experience, with more energy for studying and having fun!

shutterstock_119586409How Should I keep Fit

When you choose your university, it is well worth seeking out what facilities there are both on campus and off. offers a comprehensive overview of universities both at home and abroad. Look for gym and sporting facilities that are either free or at a reduced student rate. Swimming is a great all-round fitness sport that can be slotted into any schedule. Some sporting activities can demand a lot of your time, so be firm with yourself and decided how much time you have to give to certain sports. University is also a time to try out new sporting activities but keeping fit is not all about sport.

What You Can Do To Keep Fit

Keeping fit is also about the way you eat, and what you eat. Learning more about your bodies needs requires some planning and thought. In fact keeping fit is about that, planning your time, exploring the options, being flexible about what you do. Think ‘outside the box’ ditch your car and public transport to walk, run or use a bike. If sports and gyms are not your ‘thing’, try some exercises at home. Drinking plenty of water, avoiding too much alcohol, not smoking are all choices you can make. Remember, your psychological health is important too, so use the university counselling facilities as you need, they are there for you.