The Essence of Education

The Essence of EducationAdage has it that knowledge is power. For that reason, education is an empowering tool that is essential for circumventing in life with minimal strain. For that reason, many people have a woeful thirst to acquire knowledge because of the appealing fruits that come along with them. Education is not just encompassed in the school curriculum but is something that is present in everyday life. In fact, more knowledge is gained through the individuals’ own initiative as opposed to the knowledge taught in schools.

The Diversity of Knowledge

In addition to that, it is important to note that knowledge is diverse. It cuts across all; dimensions of life, from the social, political and economic spheres of life. Most professionals usually have the ingrained habit of attending seminars or just gaining inspiration from the internet so that they get to expand their knowledge in their areas of expertise, with the ultimate hope of being very successful.

Education’s Real Worth

In this age, information is right within the reach of every individual owing to technology. It is therefore very possible to gather more knowledge about life day after day so that one can grow into a holistic individual who can help others add some value to the society. For that reason, the notion that the value of education should be based on the grades should be scraped off completely, by initiating the fact that education is something that people should add a little more every day so that they achieve their desires in life and create unique things, significant to the world.


Usually, most innovative ideas get triggered by curiosity rather than a scholarly aptitude. A good example is Isaac Newton’s discovery of gravity, a fact that came into the picture as a result of a compilation of curiosity and observation. In that fashion therefore, people should seek to make new discovering instead taking pride in other peoples’ discoveries.